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String Trimmer Buying Guide

Mowing a lawn is the best way to get rid of the overgrown grasses.

But, what about the grasses along the fences?

Or the grasses around trees and other obstacles in your garden. You need a separate tool to tackle these areas because lawnmowers cannot handle them. The best solution: a string trimmer.

Without a trimmer, your lawn will look untamed and unfinished. These tools are available in a majority of models.

It’s necessary to know the types so that you can choose the best among them for your lawn.

String Trimmer Buying Guide

1. Electric String Trimmers


  • Benefits: Lightweight, easy to maneuver, quiet and seeks low maintenance
  • Loss: Limited reach due to power cable or battery backup, comparatively less power, a low cutting swath

Corded trimmers

Least expensive variant and needs a power outlet and long power cable, especially if you have to cover a significant area. Corded trimmers are suitable for small to medium-sized gardens.

Cordless trimmers

Battery dependent models are also suitable for small to medium-sized areas. A cordless trimmer works on a rechargeable battery (most probably Lithium-ion) and hence you don’t have to deal with power cables or extension cord. Invest in a spare battery for extended runtime.

2. Petrol-Powered Strimmers


  • Benefits: Powerful to cover a large garden, a significant cutting swath
  • Loss: Pollution, weight, and high maintenance

With two-stroke engine

Petrol propelled string strimmers with a 2-stroke engine are affordable and easy to start. You can get such a grass cutter within $200. Such engines need a mix of oil and gas, wherein the ratio depends upon the make and model. If you own a large garden, then try a 2-stroke engine string trimmer.

Bottom-line: Easy on the back and gives you complete control because of an included loop handle. You should read the reviews of the best petrol strimmer UK.

With four-stroke engine

Do you own a very large forest? Then try a 4-stroke string trimmer because it pollutes less, works at low noise level, has smooth operation, and does not require oil and gas mix.

Bottom-line: A durable gardening tool that you can use with multiple attachments as per the requirements.

Brush Cutter

You can call them the bigger version of spring trimmers because brush cutters use very powerful engines and robust metal blades to cut through thick bushes and weeds. If your trimmer is unable to handle the workload, then you might try a brush cutter like Einhell Agillo. However, a brush cutter gives you a bicycle styled handlebars, which also makes them less maneuverable for edging.

Bottom line: A powerful grass cutter with metal blades, powerful engine, bicycle handlebars, and shoulder straps.

Trimmer & Edger

If you own a garden wherein the lawn meets the driveway, walls or fence at multiple areas, then try a trimmer and edger. Such a machine can work as a trimmer as well as edges when you need to finish the lawn along its edges and fences.

String Management

Most of the trimmers use string to cut through grasses, which exhausts after regular usage. Some of these models release their cutting string automatically and several others do the same when you bump their cutting head on the ground. There are entry-level trimmers as well, wherein you need to stop and advanced the string manually.

How To Use A String Trimmer

Use it at the right height: Operate a trimmer too close to the ground and it might cut all the grasses to make your lawn look bald. So, maintain a height of 2 to 3 inches off the soil bed. Move the machine in a side to side motion and keep it parallel to the lawn.

Cut the long grass properly: If you try to trim long grasses or weeds from their roots, their stem might tangle with the trimmer. So, follow a different procedure and try to cut the weeds from top to bottom. If you have a big area to cover then consider a trimmer with blades instead of a string.

Lawn edging: Some of the string trimmers can also work as an edger. You can edge a lawn after using a mower. In most of the models, you need to shift the trimmer’s grip to change its working mode. Several trimmers also come with a wheel that assists greatly while cutting the side growing grasses.

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