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Is a Self Propelled Lawn Mower Worth It?

There are plenty of lawn mower types and models in the market today.

As such, when you want to choose one, you must first consider how big your garden is, what the terrain of your garden looks like and how much time you can dedicate to maintaining your lawnmower each time you need to.

If you’re interested in getting a self-propelled mower this is why you should go ahead with the purchase.

Is a Self Propelled Lawn Mower Worth it?

Well, we do have the traditional push mower which is quite tasking to operate. The user has done all the pushing that the machine requires to move along the lawn and cut grasses.

Thankfully, there’s been an improvement on this mower style. We now have self-driven walk behind mower models that practically push themselves. No need for the operator to push. All the user has to do is turn the machine in the right direction.

Self-propelled mowers are generally easy to control and thus you get to mow your lawn effortlessly with them. Little wonder why the self-driven walk-behind model is the favorite of a lot of people. Are you curious about how a self-propelled mower work? Do you want to know what features in the machine will benefit your type of lawn? The answers are all here.

How Self-Driven Mowers Work

Self-propelled mowers can come with one single speed or with more than one-speed options. This machine works when one engages a speed control bar which is usually either attached to the machine’s handle or comes as a separate shifter.

When the operator presses this bar, the machine comes to life and starts working on its own without the operator needing to push it.

Also, self-drive mowers have either front wheels or rear wheels. The front-wheel mower is simple to use. You can turn the machine by just tipping back the front wheels and raising them away from the ground. This self-propelled mower type is more ideal for lawns that are flat.

Rear-wheel mowers are better used for sloppy and hilly grounds, especially when operated in a back and forth motion as opposed to going up and down.

When used with a bagger this machine tends to be more effective. You will find self-propelled mowers in cordless and electric versions. However, the most common is the petrol-powered ones.

Benefits of Using a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Self-propelled mowers are generally more timesaving. Also, they can be used effortlessly to cut very thick grass. The mower tackles any challenge it faces on its own. Even when the machine reaches an area that is a little high it goes over it by itself. No extra push is needed from you

Self-driven Mowers that come with only one-speed settings are created with mid-range ground speed. This speed level usually serves no matter the cutting condition. However, machines with variable speed give users plenty of options. Those who prefer this can go for it.

As per reviews published on, almost all self-propelled petrol mowers have the side discharge, bagging and mulching features. Also, they are easy to start because they have automatic choke recovery systems that allow you to power the motor “cold.” In fact, self-propelled mowers are being improved on every day to make them easier for users to manage.


No matter the size of your garden, a self-driven mower will deliver adequately. Because you would have to do virtually nothing other than direct the machine, the chances of you enjoying your mowing experience is multiplied.

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