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Dust Your Office the Right Way

Dust Your Office the Right Way

Dust is created in many forms that anyhow enters your premises; no matter whatever measures you take to prevent it. Look at the surroundings, objects nearby you; if you leave any of them unattended even for two hours, there will be dust.

Especially if you in an official premise, where many employees are coming in and going out.

Dust, what they do basically?

Spoil the appearance and visitors thinks that you are neglecting your own office. On the other hand, a clean and well-maintained office leaves a positive impression on the employees as well as your customers.

A clean working environment will not only attract more buyers, but it will also encourage healthy working habits to reduce sick leaves or attrition. So, why don’t you dust your office the right way? Want some help? Here we go!

Dust Particles: What Are They?

Tiny devices that are sometimes not even visible to naked eyes are known as dust particles. They travel and settle down back to the ground, tables, desks, workstations, and all the other surfaces that have the area to hold anything.

Sand and dry soil are the most common dust particles. However, pollen, dull skin cells, hair, fabric fibers, microbial, and even mites contribute to the buildup of dust particles.

Follow The Given Guidelines To Make Office Dusting Fast And Effective

  • Start sprinkling the high objects and surfaces and then move downward. Dust an area or room anti-clockwise or clockwise direction.
  • Move the objects like the files, telephone, paperweights, etc. to dust the area beneath them and then place the material at its original position.
  • Do not flick the dry cloth while dusting. It will only spread the dust back to the area.
  • Spots and smudges from the desk or mirrors should be cleaned using a soft microfiber cloth. Use water to wash the fabric once it’s stained enough.
  • Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean monitor or LCD screens. Do not use a paper towel, newspaper, or windows cleaner to wipe such devices. If you notice smudges and fingerprints, you should use an anti-static cleaner especially built to wipe out electronic screens.
  • Furniture like sofa and chairs should be dusted from top to bottom. You can apply polish to the wooden furniture as per the requirements.
  • If you are dusting a blind, clean its top, then close the blinds and dust its entire surface. Close the blinds to the other side and dust the newly exposed area as well. You can also clean a curtain using a backpack vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure you dust the fire exits, signboards, extinguishers, handrails, door frames, showcases, switches, and any other bacteria prone object that needs regular cleaning.
  • There are several areas and objects in your office where dust can accumulate quickly. Example, cabinet tops, picture frames, wall clocks, desk sides, lights, air vents, etc. Remember one thing; if there is a surface, there will be dust.
  • For hard to reach areas and upholstery, you can use a vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments. For quick cleaning handheld vacuum cleaners performs great at cleaning hard to reach areas. Crevice tool and upholstery brushes are the two attachments that you can use to clean such areas. You can read the Vacuumcleaners4u’s guide on how to find the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners in UK.

Why Dusting Your Office Is Essential?

Dusting Your Office Is Essential
Dusting Your Office Is Essential

We already stated that an office with visible dust is a symbol of negligence. Moreover, a dirty office will contribute to more sick leaves and hence degraded productivity.

On the other hand, clean office premises will not only look appealing to the visitors, but it will also encourage healthy and safe working culture. So, dusting off your office is necessary to save

Employees Health: Dust circulating in the atmosphere or accumulated in the corners may play havoc with your employees, especially allergic ones. Soot will repeatedly spoil your hands, clothes, paper items, and even office equipment.

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Once attached to your body, contaminants will also enter your house to affect your family members. Airborne contamination and microbial spreads infections that are hard to catch and fix. So, a proper cleaning plan is necessary to maintain hygiene and sanitation in your office.

Office Furniture and Machinery: In the absence of regular and planned cleaning, dust can accumulate anywhere to stain your furniture and glass objects.

If grime and dirt are left unattended for a long time, it will cause discoloration on particular objects. Moreover, it can also dislocate the power and cooling system of your office premises or data center.

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